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Hi I'm Rhiannon, 16 turning 17 from Southern California and just about the weirdest ginger you will ever meet.
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In Georgia and it’s such a pretty day!
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My quote of the day :)
My Life Is Awesome

Why is it that when I like someone, and I feel somehow in some way they like me back, it ends up getting super fucked up and ridiculous? I’ve been single for a long time. I’ve decided that because it’s easier for me to function that way. Also, to be completely fair, some of them just don’t meet my criteria. And I guess I don’t exactly meet their’s. Which isn’t such a bad thing. I can say quite honestly that my idea of a soul mate has a longer list than other’s probably do.

So why is  it that I end up liking the one person in my teen life right now that will just end up messing the good things that I have going? I’m at a school that I LOVE with a choir group I LOVE and somehow I fall for the one guy that can complicate everything. My choir teacher’s son who just so happens to have a baby daughter.

Why? Doesn’t that make me sick to my stomach? What if we did get together? What would happen? Oh, that’s right, I’d just end up in a situation with a baby momma and my choir teacher. Who of course, y’know isn’t going to be pleased with any of this. 3 years older than me, and I can’t help it. He’s just ignoring me anyway. I don’t see why I keep thinking things are going to work out. I have no glimmer of hope until i turn 18 and can leave. One more year. Ugh.

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This is my mother. No seriously.